About us

We sell only the meat that we love to eat ourselves. If not fresh we won’t sell it.

There’s nothing better than tasting something really good at the peak of freshness. We are extremely picky in sourcing our farm products and raw materials, so we can share that enjoyment of great fresh food with you. We are a team of technology professionals turned to passionate food lovers, while applying technology innovation in delivery of fresh food.

Our Process

  • Lamb – We receive fresh lamb/mutton every day from India. Fresh meat slaughtered in India will be delivered to your home within 48 hours.
  • Chicken – We choose high quality “A grade” which is fully fleshy and juicy, pink and no bruises, no discoloration, no broken bones, no tears in the skin. We also have “country chicken” sourced from own local farm in UAE
  • Seafood – Most of our fish varieties are local catch from UAE waters, while we deliver imported fishes as well.
  • Dairy products – All our dairy products are from our own local farm in Al Awir, Dubai.
We adhere to strict quality guidelines and standards as per UAE regulations. Our processing units are HACCP certified, free from all sorts of contaminations.Our butchers are monitored for their hygiene, cleanliness to ensure 100% safety of our product lovers.

  • The facility is air conditioned, and temperature is mentioned.
  • The hygiene of all our products are maintained to highest standards during processing, that it’s ready to cook.
  • All our butchery equipment and tools are sanitized at regular intervals.
  • We use food grade knives and Italian machines to cut our meat, chicken and fish.
We ensure to deliver our meat, chicken, fish and diary products 100% fresh. 

  • We maintain  a temperature of 0-5 deg from the time we source the product to cleaning, cutting and while it leaves for delivery.
  • We maintain 0 – 5 degree temperature in our vehicle while delivering to your home.
  • Our seafood is delivered straight from the source. 
  • All our products are delivered immediately, we don’t stock any products beyond 24 hours.
  • We have customized types of order on customer’s preference, say same day order (2 hours, 1 hours, 30 minutes), and previous day bookings as well.

Why Heritage Basket

fresh (3)

Freshly cut after order

united-arab-emirates (2)

Locally produced


Safe & healthy


Hygienically packed


Temperature controlled delivery


Antibiotics free/hormone free


No chemical /no preservative

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Halal certified